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Spread the word and help us 'unRAFFLE those prizes'!

Free Entry Method

All free entries are to occur by post with no exceptions.

Each entry should be posted to: UnRaffle Ltd, 34 Blagdon Crescent, Nelson Village, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1HJ

  • Your name.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Email address.
  • The unique number id of the competition you want to enter
  • The answer(s) to the skill-based competition question(s) – only supply 1 answer per question.
  • Your full address including the postcode.
  • The draw number you would like.
  • A Free Entry ‘Customer’ must create an account on our website prior to sending a free entry letter, due to data protection and user account details.

Each postal entry = 1 potential free entry into the competition draw.

All free entries will be subject to acceptance in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Current Entries

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Current Entries

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