If you have a question, this page should be your first port of call and will hopefully answer any questions you have.  If you have still not found the answers you were looking for after viewing this page then please get in contact via our contact page.

How many times can I enter the same competition?

Usually there is no limit to how many times you can enter a competition, however we reserve the right to limit the entries should we see fit.  If there are any limits to the number of times you can enter a competition this will be stated on competition details.

What are my chances of winning the competition?

Your chances of winning depend on a number of factors which include the following:

  • Number of entries available in the competition draw.
  • Number of entrants / tickets successfully entered into the competition draw.
  • Number of successful entries you have in the competition draw.

For example:

If the competition draw has 100 possible entries and only 50 entries have correctly answered the competition question then the chance of winning would by 1 in 50.
If, however you have 2 tickets in the competition draw then your chances would be 2 in 50 or 1 in 25.