If you have a question, this page should be your first port of call and will hopefully answer any questions you have.  If you have still not found the answers you were looking for after viewing this page then please get in contact via our contact page.

1. How many times can I enter the same competition?

The maximum tickets / numbers a user can purchase per competition is currently set to 25 tickets / numbers.  This limit is in place to comply with various financial regulations.

2. What are my chances of winning the competition?

Your chances of winning depend on a number of factors which include the following:

  • Number of entries available in the competition draw.
  • Number of entrants / tickets successfully entered into the competition draw (tickets which have successfully answered the competition question(s)).
  • Number of successful entries you have in the competition draw.

For example:

  • If the competition draw has 100 possible entries and only 50 entries have correctly answered the competition question then the chance of winning would by 1 in 50.
  • If, however you have 2 tickets in the competition draw then your chances would be 2 in 50 or 1 in 25.

3. What do the colours mean on the ticket numbers?


  • Ticket numbers in red are taken.
  • Ticket numbers in amber are currently in another user’s basket.
  • Ticket numbers in green are the numbers you have currently selected.
  • Ticket numbers in white are available to pick.

4. How will I know if my ticket entries have been successful?

You can check this out by checking your order details which will confirm your entry status as successful or unsuccessful. An example of this below:


There are 3 ways you can check your entry status.

  1. Directly after placing your order, you will see an order confirmation screen.
  2. In the email order acknowledgment, we send you.
  3. By checking your orders on your Orders page.

5. Will I get an order acknowledgment for my entry?

Yes, you will receive an email order acknowledgment detailing the following:

  • The ticket numbers you have chosen.
  • The competition ID of the competition entered.
  • The answer you chose.
  • The entry status of the order / tickets – Successful or Unsuccessful.

6. I have not received my order acknowledgment email?

In the event that you do not receive an order acknowledgment email you should check the SPAM / Junk Mail folders or alternatively you can access and confirm your orders on your Orders page.

7. I have entered the wrong competition by mistake – what can I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you if you have entered a competition by mistake as you have used your product by answering the competition question, you should always check the competition information carefully before you enter. Hopefully, it will prove to be a good mistake to make and you may win the competition 🙂

8. I have entered a competition but now want a refund?

We are unable to offer refunds on any competitions that you have entered as the process of entering means that you have used your product by answering the competition question. Whilst entering the competition there are sufficient stages in which to cancel your entry before confirming your payment.

9. The competition I have entered has ended but not all tickets have been sold – will I still get the designated prize?

No, but you will still get a prize. Only competitions that have fully sold all of the tickets for that competition will be eligible for the designated prize however a cash prize will be awarded to the live draw winner instead.

The cash prize will be based on unRAFFLE’s perceived value of the prize which is stated on each competition page (see ‘Value of prize in £ Sterling’ tab) multiplied by the percentage of tickets sold in the competition. An example of this is as below:

  • If a competition is for an Iphone and it does not fully sell out all ticket numbers then the Iphone is not eligible as the prize so a cash prize will be given instead of which an example is below.
  • If the ‘Value of prize in £ Sterling’ is £500 and 70 out of 100 tickets for the competition have been sold then the cash prize will be awarded instead of the Iphone. This would be calculated as such:
    • £500 value multiplied by 70% ( 70 tickets sold out of 100 available) = £350 in prize money.

NOTE: Cash prizes can either be sent to you via PayPal or Bank Transfer. If you win, we will contact you to confirm how you want us to transfer the money to you. We will then use the information you supply to transfer the money to you so please ensure these details are correct. In order to accept the money via PayPal you will need a PayPal account which is free to set up.

10. How and when will the live draw for a competition be drawn?

We aim to draw the competition winner asap (usually within 7 days of the competition ending). We will draw the winner using a randomly generated number picker site (www.random.org), that will be shown and streamed live on our Facebook page. Prior to the draw, we will show a list of all eligible ticket numbers that can win the competition prize.

11. I have won a competition, what now?

We will contact you as soon as possible either by phone and / or email after the prize draw to confirm your win.  We will contact you via your details on your account only.

12. How soon will I get my prize?

We aim to send out your prize asap after we have contacted you.  How soon you receive your prize will depend on what type of prize you have won.

  • Cash prizes – which are transferred via either PayPal or Bank Transfer can be transferred quite quickly – the quicker you let us know how you want the money transferred along with the relevant details (PayPal email or Bank Account Number) the quicker we can send it.
  • Physical prizes – these will have a variable transit time depending on what the prize is – we will only send out physical prizes to the address you have on your account.

13. Can I change the prize I won for something else?

No, each prize must be accepted as awarded and is non-transferable or convertible to other substitutes.

14. I no longer want to receive the newsletter – how do I opt out?

If you are signed up and later choose that you do not want to be signed up to the newsletter, we make it easy for you to unsubscribe. This can be done by simply following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter emails – simple as that 🙂 .

15. My real name is showing as part of my username in the competitions history – how do I change this?

When you signup for an account the first part of your email is used to create your username.  For example if your customer is using the email address janedoe@janedoe.com, then her account username would be janedoe – the part before the @ sign.

If however, you want to change this then all you need to do is to navigate to your Account details page and then in the ‘Display name’ section input your desired username and then click on the ‘Save changes’ button.